Jesse Brisendine

Jesse Brisendine

I have worked as a Personal Trainer and Life Coach for several years now. My passion has always been helping people, more specifically helping people achieve the best they can for themselves. I have done my best to live by example and work every day at giving my best at anything and everything I do; professionally and personally. On June 29th 2007 life changed for me. I suffered my first broken heart and no longer felt like getting out of bed, let alone inspire others to achieve their best. I searched for answers, answers to where the pain was coming from and how could I make it stop. While I never found those exact answers, what I did find was myself, my true, scared, vulnerable self that needed to learn how to heal. I have always best helped myself by helping others and thus "ouch my heart is broken" was born out of this desire to help myself and others heal. My personal content, my stories, my thoughts, have been left as they were written four years ago, in the moment. This has been done as I want to share with you all how I felt, "in the moment," when I was going through my heart break. It is my hope that in your participation on "ouch my heart is broken," you will not only help yourself heal, but you will help others heal as well.

About the Book

The Ouch My Heart is Broken, Heart Break Survival Guide is a "how to" guide. A book designed specifically to help you heal your broken heart. Covering virtually everything you would ever want/need to know about what you are going through right now, the Heart Break Survival Guide is a vital ally in healing your broken heart. In this book you will learn about emotions you are feeling, the do's and don'ts of heartbreak, as well as what others have felt before you. In addition, you will also be provided with a week long, step by step suggested daily guide to help you make it through this difficult time. Exercise has been proven to have a positive effect on a person's mental, emotional, and physical state. Since this is so important, a detailed exercise program has been included to help you exercise your heart to healing. I know how much it hurts right now, I truly believe the contents contained within this book and on this website will help you heal.

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